The Top 10 Benefits of Reusable Packaging and Why You Should Be Using It

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Let’s be honest there is a lot of buzz about reusable packaging. As a matter of fact, there are entire groups and organizations that are dedicated to the idea. It’s a pretty big deal. There is a reason for all the buzz.

More and more countries are jumping on board with the idea that reusable packaging will reduce pollution and are making it less of an option and more of a requirement.

pallet collarOf course that is not the only reason that this type of packaging is becoming more and more popular.

There is a litany of reasons why this is something your group should be considering.

Eventually, given the current climate it will become something that you are required to do by law if you provide products, supplies and goods to certain country.

Sweden, Holland, Switzerland and other countries already have the rules on the book it won’t be too long before every country does. Pollution from packaging makes up about 80% of landfill waste by some accounts.

Never mind the numbers when it comes to ocean pollution and what it is doing to the wildlife. Corporate entities are really under attack all the time by ecology groups that want to point a finger at a villain.

Getting ahead of the issue by making the switch can be cost saving and ensure an easy transition into compliance with the soon to be coming regulations that will force the change.

Traditional packaging is the old way of doing things, that is quickly becoming the UNACCEPTABLE way of doing things.

It will not be too long before a large sector of consumers simply refuses to do business with any organization that is not making strides to improve their packaging.

Understanding the benefits that are available to every business that uses this new packaging can help you to make the right decision for your group.

Let’s look at the top ten reasons you should be using this type of packaging to help you understand its true value.

1. Beneficial economic gains

Do you pay more upfront costs for reusable packaging? Yes, but you can quickly realize a nice return on your investment.

When you take a closer look at the costs you quickly realize that what seems like a larger upfront cost is actually less of a cost overall compared to other packaging options. It is a cost effective option.

2. Reduce risk

This type of packaging is built to last. It is built stronger and it is more durable which of course protects your goods and products better. The reduction in risk is realized through mitigating the damage to goods.

Traditional one-time packaging is flimsy and does not provide protection to your goods which can reduce shelf life, leave your goods prone to damage from rough handling and can overall impact your bottom line.

3. Provides a great marketing feature

Consumers are hyperaware of the packaging pollution issues all around the globe. Improving your packaging can be like free marketing material.

It will get people more interested in your product and endear your company to the consumer. People want to do business with companies that are paying attention to their environmental impact. Taking this step will open up the door to a whole new customer base.

There are millions of consumers that look up and down a supply chain to see what each company is doing to minimize the impact on the environment. Gaining that market share of consumers can be a huge benefit to your organization.

4. Reduce your organizations impact on the environment

There are long term implications of using this type of packaging that include reducing your organizations impact on the environment.

If every company made the attempt to reduce their impact on the environment according to the experts there is a good chance that the damages that have been done to the planet could start to reverse themselves.

Whether you believe in climate change factors or not there is something to be said for simply reducing waste. There is only so much room for trash to pile up.  Reducing the impact on the environment should be motivation enough.

5. Reduce risk to labor

Loose, broken one way packaging causes injuries. No box cutters, staples and other loose debris is laying around so there is less risk of costly labor injuries.

Reducing in plant debris means you can reduce slip and fall injuries which can be costly.  Standardized packaging also means easier mobility and reduction in lift injuries.

6. Save on waste removal

When you consider the amount of labor, fuel and other costly activities go into removing waste from your plant for one way packaging it can be quite sobering.

The savings is apparent when you consider that there will be no more waste removal costs and no lost labor hours dedicated to waste removal.

7. Support the local area commerce

One of the key benefits of using reusable is that you ship out smaller loads and use smaller trucks with local routes to facilitate deliveries.

This activity supports the local community and gives small businesses an opportunity to partner up with larger businesses. This all comes together to improve commerce in the local area which of course benefits all businesses.

8. Its recyclable

Most of these types of packaging can be recycled at the end of their useful life. They are made from materials that can be used and reused again.

This is not only a great opportunity to participate in a way to reduce greenhouse gases but it also a great way to realize an even bigger return on your initial investment.

9. Longer life = less storage requirements

If you opt in for a completely reusable supply chain operation, you can easily save on storage space which of course means that you will get more production out of your plant and less space that needs to be dedicated to storage.

It also means that you will have less lost labor that has to be dedicated to storing and stocking packaging.

10. It’s a win-win situation

The biggest benefit to using this modern packaging is that there is no reason not to. It is economical. It benefits the environment and it improves your day to day operations helping things to run smoothly. You can reduce risk to both inventory and labor. There is simply no reason not to!

Making the Change

It can be hard to change from long held practices, especially when they are working for your group but what works today may not work tomorrow.

Staying abreast of your options and keeping an open mind can help you to move forward and make the necessary changes before they become mandatory and your group has to scramble around to be in compliance.

Euro palletTaking a look now at your options is the best way to decide if the time for change is now for your organization.

You may be surprised to find that not only is this the better option for public perception but it is also the better option for your bottom line as well.

The first step in making the change is to understand your options. There is a slew of different products that can help you to obtain the level of efficiency that can benefit your organization. Having some can go a long way in facilitating the changes that you want to make.

Get some expert advice and use a reliable supplier that understands which options work best. It is time to reevaluate what your organization is using for packaging and get some expert input on what options you may be overlooking.

There are new changes that come out every month. If you have not taken a look recently at what your options are you may be surprised to find that they are very different, very improved options from even just 5 short years ago.

Reusable packaging is now a pretty big sector in the packaging industry with a lot of money and time invested in to research and development. The R&D has come out with options that suit a wide range of needs from dry goods to animal feed.

The time has come when the old ways of doing things are under a microscope. Not being flexible and willing to look at other options can cause a great deal of damage to your business.

Consumers are making demands, regulators are getting on board with those demands and not responding is simply not an option.

Get some advice, take a look at what is available and get started on reducing your impact and increasing your revenue.

It is a relatively simple step to take to endear your company to the consumer and to reduce your environmental impact. Soon it will be the ONLY option if regulators have their way.

You might as well get ahead of the power curve now and switch out your packaging. It is something that will benefit your business greatly.