Can Your Product Benefit from Blister Packaging?

Blister Packaging

Finding the perfect packaging is vital to your products, blister packaging can be exactly what you have been looking for. Blister pack packaging is a preferred option for many manufacturers. It is sometimes referred to as skin packaging.

Learning more about this option can help you to make an informed decision about the best way to package your goods. In this article we will look at the value of blister packaging, the function of blister packaging, and which products it is best for.

Blister Packaging Matherials

What is Blister Packaging?

Blister packs is a term that is used to describe several different types of preformed packaging type. Blister packs are used in a wide range of industries from food production to pharmaceuticals to small consumer goods.

Blister packaging materials are typically formed from thermoformed plastics. The plastic film is used to create a pocket or an envelope. When the blister wrap is folded over itself and sealed it is called clam shell packaging.

Clamshell blister packaging is a favorite among manufacturers because it delivers a safe secure packing method that is largely tamper proof. There is a wide range of benefits available with this type of packaging that can deliver the protection that you are looking for.

Blister Packaging Examples

The Types of Blister Packaging

There is a wide range of blister package types that are designed to deliver the height of protection for your products. Continue to read to learn more about the types of blister pack and which one may be best for your business.

Full Face Seal Blister Packaging

With this type of packaging the blister pack covers the product and covers the blister card (product card) as well. The blister film is heat sealed in some cases around the card and in other cases the card is slid through the top of the blister packing envelope with plastic spines on each side.

This method of blister packaging is used to make the packaging more durable.  This method is ideal for electronics and other goods that need a strong tamper proof packaging, and protection.

Face Seal Blister

Face seal blister packaging is a method that molds the film around the product than heat seals it to the cardboard. It is a relatively inexpensive method that is ideal for products that are made in large volume.

Trapped Blister Packaging

This method is very similar to a traditional blister but there is a plastic part that adheres to the cardboard backing and it has an additional piece of cardboard in front of it that is shaped to fit the blister. This type of method is ideal for products that will hang from shelves.

It is not a heat-sealed method which makes it cheaper than other options that do use heat sealing.

Blister Packaging Maschine

A Full Card Blister Pack

Much like the full-face seal, this method covers the card. The difference is this method does not use heat sealing. It has flanges that wrap around the card. In this method the card slides into place. In some cases, staples are used to secure the product and the card. This is a very secure method of packaging because tampering is evident when the staples have been removed.

Clamshell Packaging

This is a hinged blister packing method. The two sides are folded together over the product to create a container that is typically heat sealed. This is also, a secure method of packaging that can reduce the risk of product tampering.

Double Blister Packaging

This method uses double the film to package your goods. It adds an extra layer of protection or can be used to package two items that go together, together. For example, a cellphone, and a charger.

Each of these methods will deliver the protection that your product deserves. We mentioned blister cards in each definition of blister packaging. Read below to learn more about blister cards.

Blister Packaging Process

What Is a Blister Card?

A blister card is a very important part of the blister packaging process. It is typically made of cardboard and is the backing for your blister pack. It usually contains product information that has been printed directly on to the card.

It may also contain information on how to use the product, ingredient lists and more. Typically, the card is printed with logo information and can help to market the product. It plays a vital role in the overall packaging.

Blister Packaging Variants

 The Advantages of Blister Packaging

There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy from this type of packaging including:

  • Making dosage of serving sizes easier to manage. This type of packaging can be ideal for pharmaceutical, health care products, supplements, food stuff, and more that needs to be delivered in a serving size. It is a great option for a wide range of industries that want to be able to deliver the perfect amount of product to consumers. It delivers convenience to the consumer.
  • This type of packaging can make your product visually appealing to consumers. In other packaging options the consumer cannot see what is in the box and are relying largely on product information like images to determine if the product is right for them. With blister packaging the consumer can see the entirety of the contents of the offering.
  • Keeping your product fresh. This sealed packaging option can help to maintain the freshness of your product.
  • Enhanced product security. Blister packaging provides a great deal of security for your products. It is especially a benefit when products need to be immobilized to help reduce the risk of damage during transportation.
  • Easy branding and customization. This packaging option is unique to your product because it is manufactured to your exact product specifications. No matter how big or how small your products are blister packs will fit them perfectly. Of course, the blister cards are also an easy way to brand your product and deliver vital information to the consumer.

This packaging method can be the ideal solution for your goods.

Blister Packaging Drugs

What Products Should Use Blister Packaging

While most any product or part can enjoy the benefits of blister packaging the following products are especially suited to this type of packaging:

  • Electronics, electronic parts, accessories, like headphones, computer drives, game station accessories, cell phones, and cell phone accessories. Blister packaging is well suited to protect all types of electronics during transport and make it easier for retailers to store and display without causing damage to the products.
  • Stationary items like pens, paper fasteners, glues, and more.
  • Toys, small toys, large toys, toys with many parts and more.
  • Supplements, pharmaceuticals, and other tablets.
  • Products that are risk of breakage.

If you want to protect your products, make them more attractive to consumers, and make them more convenient for both the consumer and the retailer this may be the best packaging option for your product.

The Value of a Blister Packaging Option

The fact is this type of packaging is a turnkey solution to your packaging needs. The blister card acts as your marketing tool while the packaging protects your product. It is a very convenient method of packaging that can be very affordable.

In the less is more movement in packaging the blister pack is a great solution. Instead of having layers of packaging that generates more waste you can have one easy packaging solution. With blister packaging you do not need inner packaging.

In typical, packaging solutions you must have an inner layer of protecting packaging (sometimes more than one inner layer) and an outer layer of packaging. You also must have package inserts to deliver instructions for use and product information.

Traditional packaging also requires an outside layer of packaging that also requires labeling which may include images of what the contents of the inside of the package contains. All this packaging can get costly and of course generated many more times the waste than blister packaging generates.

Blister PET Packaging

It is An Easy Packaging Method

Because blister packaging it made to fit there are no worries about making the packaging fit your product. You do not have to add things like filler to your packaging. It is an easy way to display, product, and transport your goods.

Cost Effectiveness of Blister Packaging

This can be a very cost-effective option for packaging. Once the mold is created for your product, you can expect to pay less than you would for other packaging options. Of course, you can also realize savings over other packaging options because you will have to buy less packaging.

Learn more about this option from a trusted source to see if it is the right option for your products. It may be exactly what you have been looking for.