Supply chain management

The acronym ISO standards for International Standards Organization. The International Standards Organization is a federation of organizations that has over 100 member countries that work toward ensuring standardization of everything from shipping containers to the size of credit cards. Continue reading “Choosing an ISO Shipping Container – What You Need To Know”

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Supply chain management

Keeping the cost of goods down to stay competitive, relies heavily on your ability to keep down your own costs. Finding ways to cut the “fat” can help you to pass on the savings to your clients/customers. Some areas are impossible to trim away costs from but some areas you can trim away costs from. Continue reading “3 Easy Ways to Save your Money in Supply Chain Management”

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Supply chain management

When you are transporting high end televisions, it is so important to make sure that they are properly secured in the truck. There are proper ways to transport these types of items and if it is not done properly, there is a huge risk that expensive units can be damaged. These higher end televisions can be damaged if they are not properly shipped from the distribution factory to the furniture store or the furniture store to the customer’s home.

Continue reading “Transporting High End Televisions: Finding the Right Materials for your Business”

Mistakes in Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management

Young companies cannot risk losing money, actually no company can stand to lose money but many companies lose a lot more than they should by making some elementary supply chain mistakes.

You do not have to be a young company to make these 5 mistakes some well established companies may slip up and make these mistakes. Of course these mistakes will have the largest impact on young companies that are not very well financially established.

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Supply chain management

Supply chain risk management requires processes that are easy to implement and that can easily be enforced. Modern enterprises are face more and more with finding ways to actively protect the supplied goods while keeping costs down. Most enterprises spend the majority of their investment shares on supplied goods so having reliable measures in place to protect these goods is imperative. Continue reading “Protecting the Supplied Goods”