logistics management
Warehouse optimization

Are you using current best practices for warehousing in your organization? The keyword here is “current”.

There has been a lot of changes, improvements and technology that has cropped up in the last decade or so and if you are not staying on the cutting edge of changes than you may be missing out on some great opportunities.

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warehouse LEED building
Warehouse optimization

LEED certification programs have gotten a slow start in Europe but have the idea has quickly caught on thanks to consumer pressure and new regulations regarding environmental preservation. The LEED certification system is still in its infancy in most of Europe but new construction activities are taking their cues from North America in making their buildings LEED friendly as a way to conserve energy and improve lifecycle functions. Since its inception the idea spread quickly to other continents.

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warehouse storage safety
Warehouse optimization

Any supply chain for any organization knows that risk is profound. Inventory is the number one asset for most organizations so protecting it always takes precedence but of course risk to inventory is not the only risk factor. When you look at the numbers concerning compensable injuries in the workplace, especially in warehouses, it is alarming. As the cost of loss goes up, revenue steadily goes down. Continue reading “5 Ways to Reduce Risk with Storage Solutions “

Stacked Pallets
Warehouse optimization

There is much more to a pallet than just being a workhorse. Pallets are not given a lot of consideration they are often looked upon as just a necessity and their full potential is not quite realized. Most warehouses take their pallets for granted but do not consider exactly how much palletizing can really help with supply chain cost reduction as well as a more effective shipping program. Continue reading “How and Why Companies Should Palletize?”

Warehouse forklift
Warehouse optimization

Finding room in the warehouse and reserving space on the road is an important endeavor for any supply chain. There are several reasons that your organization can be running out of usable space in the warehouse and on the road.

An organization needs to be able to effectively store their products and ship them without having to purchase new real estate. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues that are cause an organization to seemingly be running out of space without the profits to indicate growth. Continue reading “Ways to Save Space in a Warehouse and on the Road”