Insider Information About Where to Get Free Pallets

Broken free pallets

Starting a pallet business is relatively easy.

Pallets are used around the globe by almost every industry and one point or another in the supply chain.

There is always a huge demand for pallets both new and used. There are a lot of benefits to starting your own pallet business, of course the first place to start is to start building your inventory!

One of the best ways to start any type of pallet business is to start out with free pallets. Even if you must refurbish the pallets, keeping costs down is well worth the effort.

Free wood pallets can be found from a variety of sources, you just need some insider information on where to find free pallets to start your business.

Why It is Worth the Search

Not every source that is disclosed in this article will have wood pallets for free all the time, but it is very much worth the time it takes to search for pallets for free.

The number one reason offering free wooden pallet pick up, is beneficial is because it is FREE! Whether you are starting a pallet business, a pallet recycling service or you have plans for the pallets, you cannot beat free.

Broken free pallets

Plotting out your search for free pallets by using this guide will ensure that your time is used wisely, and you get the pallet inventory that you need without having to put up any money up front which of course means any income that you generate is pure profit.

Free pallets are ideal for anyone that wants to start a pallet business but does not have the capital to invest. In the beginning it will be slow going until you find the sources that are willing to hand over pallets.

You should also expect to invest a great deal of time in searching, calling and negotiating to get your free pallets. If you have the time to invest you can find pallets for free and use them in the foundation of your business.

Ultimately free is always a good way to start out.

How to Get Free Pallets

Most people do not realize how many pallets wind up in the landfill each year because manufacturers and other industries do not have a plan for what to do with broken or damaged pallets.

In some cases, the cost of sending the pallets back in an exchange type program may not be the most cost-effective option for the enterprise so they simply throw them away.

Of course, this is where you come in and help them to get rid of their unwanted pallets by offering free pallet pick up near me type service.

For the cost of fuel for your vehicle you can start a nice business for yourself. You can contact a wide range of businesses in your area and offer free wooden pallet pick up services.

Used pallets for free

There are plenty of stores that give away pallets, you just must do some research to locate the stores near you. Follow these tips to find the best potential free pallet spots.

Tip # 1 Get on the Phone with Someone in Charge

The best way to make any type of deal is to go directly to the decision maker!

Of course, you can stop by local stores and ask clerks about what they do with their pallets, but once you have the answer, the best way to get used pallets for free is to go to the decision maker.

In some cases that type of decision can be made locally by a manager, in other cases you may have to go to the head honchos at the corporate offices.

Either way, you want to be sure that the person that is telling you to go ahead and take those pallets, can do so.

Tip # 2 Always Be Professional

You always want to present yourself as a professional. Doing some research before you ask about free wooden pallets can help you to be more convincing when you are requesting them.

Know enough about the business to impress the person making decisions! This is your business and making that perfect first impression will pay off nicely down the road.

If the answer is no right now, leave your name and number and ask that the manage keeps you in mind in case their situation changes.

Tip # 3 There Are Some Places Better than Others

Not every business discards their pallets, in some cases even if the business plans to get rid of their pallets if they have someone inquiring about them, they may suddenly decide to attach a price to them.

Remember the goal is to at least start out your business with used pallets for free.

If a business that you know just discards their pallets, suddenly decides that they need to be paid for them, be respectful and courteous, tell them you will consider their offer, than move on to the next place on the list.

Why pay for used pallets when you do not have to?

By being respectful and courteous, if worse comes to worse and you find yourself unable to keep up with the demand, you will have a source that you can pay a few dollars to, to up your inventory until more free pallets come up.

Tip # 4 You Are Providing a Service

The success of your persuasion when it comes to getting a business to hand over their unwanted pallets to you largely depends on how you sell the idea.

Keep in mind while, yes, getting free pallets does benefit you, you are also providing a service that will benefit the business.

Free euro pallets

Point out to the decision maker how easier it will be to keep their property in order when they do not have used pallets stacked up. This can be a cost cutting service for them.

They will not have to pay for the pallets to be removed. They will not have to dedicate labor time to arranging the pallets.

It can be a very lucrative agreement for them and for you. Sell yourself as a service provider not as someone that is asking for something for free.

Tip # 5 Try These Places

Some industries are better than other when you are searching for where to get old pallets:

  1. Appliance stores
  2. Furniture stores
  3. Big box discount stores
  4. Supermarkets (although they typically have a return program in place and most of their pallets will be plastic)
  5. Automotive parts stores

Try all the above when you are searching for free pallets. All the above usually receives quite a bit of merchandise and goods strapped to pallets.

Many times, these businesses will be more than happy to get rid of the wooden pallets that they have laying around.

Remember when you contact these businesses get to the decision maker and highlight during your conversation that you are doing them a service by helping to declutter their stock room and get those wooden pallets off their hands.

You are a service provider not someone looking for a hand out.

If you are searching for “where can I get wood pallets for free?”, following the tips above can help you but free is not the only option.

You can purchase used pallets for a fraction of the cost of new and cut out a lot of the work involved in finding used pallets.

Is Free Always the Best Option?

If you have a few dollars to invest, it can be easier, faster and less work to pay for used pallets.

Being a “pallet broker” is far less work than doing the refurbishing and recycling on your own. Of course, it is also less time consuming to go directly to a source that sells used pallets.

In most all cases as your business grows, free, is less of an option and you will have to ante up and pay for pallets to keep things growing.

As your client base grows and your business expands it will be nearly impossible to find enough free pallets to meet the demand.

If you have the capital right now, while your business is blossoming, you can do a combination of free and pay for wood pallets to create your inventory.

Paying a small amount for used pallets can also help you to get better condition pallets.  When you invest in used pallets you are:

  • Ensuring you always have inventory on hand
  • Can trust in the product for durability
  • Can free up your time to focus on other areas of your business
  • Resell them at a profit without having to put much effort in

You can get used pallets for a lot less than buying new, this can put you in a unique position to resell the recycled pallets at a profit of course.

Free wooden pallets for you

This can be the easiest way to get the pallets that you need without having to dedicate a large amount of time to finding pallets.

Recycled pallets that are in top shape are also a big draw to business owners. They get the pallets that they need, and they get to help the environment by reusing pallets.

This can be a very lucrative opportunity that requires a small investment and not much work.

Where to Get Wood Pallets When Free Is Not an Option

You will not always be able to find free pallets. If you live in a rural location finding enough businesses to stock pile your pallets for free may not be an option.

Your next step them would be to start a search for where to get wood pallets cheap. You can find used pallets for cheap when you know the best places to get pallets.

Your first order of business is to learn who sells pallets so that you can learn where to find old pallets that are affordable. Follow these tips to purchase used pallets from a trusted source.

Tip # 1 Shop Around

The price variances can be great when you want to purchase used pallets, so do your homework.

Call several different places to ensure that you are getting the best overall price and to ensure that you are working with a trusted source.

Tip # 2 Determining the Trusted Source

A lot of people make similar mistakes when they first get started in the pallet business.

They are so eager to get the cheapest price that they do not take the time to ensure that they are dealing with a reputable pallet supplier.

The goal when you are shopping around for used pallets of course, is to find a great price, but it should not be the only goal.

Getting the most bang for your buck can be achieved by developing a relationship with a trusted source that will deliver on their promises.

Tip # 3 How to Bargain for The Best Price

Typically, getting the best price on used pallets starts with being able to agree to volume purchases.

If you can make volume purchases monthly, you may be able to save a great deal on your used pallet purchases.

The right supplier will be willing to negotiate with you and deliver a price point that you are both comfortable with.

Tip # 4 The Goal

When you are searching for used wooden pallets to buy, you should make value a top priority.

The goal should be to fill your inventory with high quality used pallets that are also affordable. The source that you use plays a great role in the success of your pallet business.

wood pallets for pick up

Choose a source that can meet your inventory requirements and that can keep the pallets flowing in your direction should you need them.

You want to partner with a company that is reliable and that will work with you even on short notice orders.

It is important that you pick a partner that can deliver on quality, pricing and service.

Tip # 5 Understanding the Lingo!

Before you embark on negotiating with a supplier take a few moments to understand the language of pallet manufacturers! Understanding what the various terms mean will help you to come across as a person that knows what they are talking about and put you in a better position to negotiate.


A pallet business can be the ideal business for a host of reasons. It is a low-cost investment that can put you on the path to success.

Following the tips in this guide and educating yourself about the pallet industry is a great way to get started!