How to find the Right Pallet Collars Manufacturer in Europe

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Finding the right pallet collars manufacturer in Europe can play a vital role in the success of your logistic plan. It is important to have the right tools in your supply chain to ensure that things move along smoothly.

Pallets and pallet collars are a very familiar sight in most warehouses and modes of transport. They are small things that most of us take for granted.

pallet collarMost of the time people, unless they are in logistics, do not even really consider that it matters where you get your pallet collars from. Ultimately it matters.

These simple tools make such a large impact on day to day business that it really does matter whether they are reliable and whether they are sourced from a manufacturer that can meet your needs.

Like everything else pallet collars are not really missed until the time comes that you do not have enough of them.

Finding the right manufacturer takes on a new sense of urgency when you realize exactly how important a role they play in your supply chain.

Pallet Collars are the Answer

When you are looking for a packing solution that offers flexibility, durability and security, pallet collars are the answer. Of course the source that you use for your pallet collars is as important as how you use them.

You have to ensure that you have a reliable source if you are going to get as much as you can out of pallet collars.

This handy tools can easily:

  • Meet your shipping needs
  • Expand your storage options
  • Reduce risk of unauthorized entry
  • Reduce risk from damage
  • Provide a sturdy reusable shipping option

The reliability of the right manufacturer will help to improve the results all around that you get from using this shipping/storage option.

These collars have the ability to expand your storage capabilities as long as they are manufactured to be durable.

They can also keep your goods safe and keep unauthorized access down but again whether you get what you expect out of the collars highly depends on how they were manufactured and whether you have a reliable source.

Once you are committed to using these tools they are sorely missed when your manufacturer cannot meet your demand so reliable manufacturers are a must!

Finding the Right Manufacturer

There are three components to finding the right manufacturer. The first is the most obvious “reputation” the second is not as obvious “commitment” and the third is their willingness to work with you.

Reputation- a hard won reputation as being a reliable manufacturer of pallets is a very important decision making factor for anyone that is need of choosing the right manufacturer.

It is a competitive industry that can be difficult to navigate so when you find a company that has a strong reputation it is a good indicator that is the company you should go with.

A positive reputation for providing quality materials, on time delivery and for working to meet the needs of the client are all tell-tale signs that you are considering a company that you will be able to rely on down the road.

You can ask other people in the industry about which company has a strong reputation for manufacturing collars that are of good quality and that provide the right services like:

  • Delivery fulfillment
  • On time delivery
  • Fair pricing
  • Great advice

Delivery fulfillment is very important and one of the best ways a manufacturer can build a positive reputation.

The manufacturer that satisfies their clients by fulfilling their orders and doing it in a timely fashion is the company you want to go with.

A negative reputation is a flag and one that you want to avoid. It is a balancing act, in some cases there may be a few negative comments but they are out weighted by the good comments.

You have to be a bit of a detective to get down to the real reputation and know which comments are valid and which sound more like “sour grapes”.

Commitment – you want to choose a firm that is committed to manufacturing a high quality product AND that is committed to meeting the client’s needs.

A client focused firm is a firm that puts the client’s needs first. The right company understands that your business depends on having the right tools to manage your shipping and storage and they are committed to ensuring that you get what you need.

They understand that your success is a testament to their success so they work hard to help your business reach its potential by supplying you with the tools that you need.

Flexibility – you want to be sure that you choose a company that offers flexible agreements. In other words when you need your order earlier than expected to fulfill a large order that you just received you have to have a company that can help.

You want to be able to change your order if you need to and not be penalized. A manufacturer that wants your business will be willing to work to meet your needs and offer you flexible arrangements.

In other words you want to choose a company that is willing to work to accommodate your company needs not a company that you have to work around. Your business should be valued enough that the manufacturer will work hard to keep it.

A Word about Quality

All of the above are very important considerations but none of them trump the need for quality pallet collars.

The right manufacturer is the one that takes the quality of their products seriously. They understand that cutting corners on quality is just not acceptable.

You should be able to rely on the quality of the collars and get the amount of use out of them that you expect.

You should never choose a manufacturer that does not offer a high quality product or you risk being sorely disappointed by the performance.

A high quality products offer:

  • Longevity
  • Overall cost savings
  • Confident usage

A manufacturer that is committed to a quality product will supply you with collars that will last long and carry your goods safely.

High quality usually equates a great deal of cost savings because you have to replace them less often.

Of course when you know that you are dealing with a quality manufacturer you can feel confident in using the collars and knowing that they are built to last and do the job as intended.

Request Quotes

Your first step after you have narrowed down your options using the information above is to make a request for quotes so that you can start the process of making the choice.

When you are reviewing the quotes you may want to choose the lowest price as a way to cut costs but you should know that the lowest price is not necessarily the best value.

The best value will come from a company that charges a fair price while meeting all the criteria set forth in this article.

The best value is going to give you the best deal for the money. The price will reflect a fair market price and it will offer flexible terms.

Review the quotes than take a look at what the manufacturer has to offer overall.  What type of guarantee are they offering? Do they guarantee delivery? Do they guarantee that they can meet your needs?

It may be difficult to make the right choice until you start looking for the “added value” that some manufacturers have to offer.

The added value can be the little things that make a big difference in your overall satisfaction rate with the products.

Things like:

  • Can they offer you the product specifications that you need?
  • Do they have the ability to provide you with the amount of collars that you need?
  • Do they have enough manpower to ensure a steady stream of collars?

The added value comes in the form of services that are offered and the ability to fulfill your order. Don’t be fooled by low low prices, the should not be the only criteria that you set.

You can pay very low prices and not get your order on time so whether it is low cost or not it does not help you meet your mission.

In some cases low prices are a great deal but keep your eyes open and be sure to check all the details before you make a choice.

Expert Advice

Another thing you want to consider is how long the manufacturer has been providing viable shipping/storage tools.

Experience counts when it comes to producing not only great products but in the type of advice you can expect from the manufacturer.

Expert advice from the right source can help you to determine based on information you supply the manufacture how many collars you need and other program details.

You do not want to find out down the road that the advice you have been getting from the manufacturing source is incorrect.


Choosing which manufacturer you use for pallet collars can greatly affect the outcome of how well you are able to use the collars so take your time and choose wisely.