Recycling Wood Pallets

Stack of Palletes

Wood pallets have become so much more than a way to ship goods. Wood pallets have become the latest rage in everything from home design to deck materials for the yard. There are so many ways that wood pallets can be recycled and repurposed into something bigger and better than they were before.

Reusing and recycling wood pallets is a long time honored traditional way of dealing with unusable pallets. Pallets were often broken apart so that the stringers could be used in other projects but today recycling pallets has taken on a whole new meaning.

What You Should Know

First any industry that uses wood pallets can tell you that they are one of the most durable shipping/storage options there is. They can be used over and over again. It is not surprising that this “wood pallet” movement has taken hold on a global scale because of how durable pallets are.

Pallet are great for many reasons. They are constructed to last which means when you recycle them you are getting a very well-constructed base to build with or to use for any project.

There is a huge resale market for wood pallets as well so getting more than you bargained for out of wood pallets is easy. In other words whatever you use your pallets for right now if you tire of it you can just take it apart and resell the pallets.

Some of the recycling of wooden pallets that are out there you would expect to see like a wood pallet table or a wood pallet gate but some of the things that people are making out of simple wood pallets is absolutely amazing.

People are actively seeking out new pallets to use them for everything from constructing new furnishings that are very in vogue to using them to construct storage buildings. Pallet recycling is one of the biggest topics of home blogs, garden blogs and even appearing on construction blogs around the world.


One of the easiest ways to recycle wood pallets is to simply sell them. Since there is such a huge market for wood pallets now you can easily resell them to individuals or businesses. There are even wood pallet recycling companies that you can resell the pallets to.

Need more tips on reselling?


There is always a huge market for pallets that can easily give you a nice return on your pallets.

Of course if you are more intrigued by what you can make the pallets into then you have to take a look at what you will find below.

Indoor Furniture

Everything from beds to swings to lounges are being created out of wood pallets. Finding the plans and designs are easy online. Of course feel free to come up with your own plans and designs, it is easy when you use wood pallets to come up with a vision.

They are simple boxes that are durable and can hold tons of weight so using them to stack together, pull apart or piece along side one another will give you amazing results with very little effort.

Whether you want something for the garden or the lounge in doors pallets can easily be recycled into a piece that you will love.

People are creating coffee tables out of pallets by just adding some wheels and a coat of paint. If you want to really get fancy you can add a piece of glass across the top to dress up the pallet coffee table.

You can recycle your old pallet into a bar by standing it up on its side, painting it and adding a slab of concrete or granite or even use garden pavers across the top. Stacking pallets to create everything from stairways to lounge sets for the yard have all become the “norm” when it comes to recycling pallets.

Pallets can be made into open pantries, bakers racks, dining tables even countertops. Pallet platform beds are also very popular. All you need is about 8 pallets to create a bed about the size of a queen size bed. You can paint the pallets or stain them to your liking stack them and even add legs that you can buy readymade at most home improvement stores. All you will need to buy is a mattress and you have a great looking urban style bed.

You can also make bedside tables by cutting a pallet in four and stacking the pieces together.

Pallet headboards and foot boards are also a unique way to recycle pallets. All you need is four pallets and two metal bed frame runners and you have a unique looking bed.

The options are truly limited in the ways that you can use pallets to create furnishings for the home.

As Decking Material

It is easy to create a lovely private spot in your garden by using painted pallets as the flooring, seating area and even as planters. All you have to do is paint the pallets any color you choose with a good outdoor paint then set out the pallets in an interesting geometric pattern.

You can plant plants in the spaces in between the spaces in the pallets. You can stack your lounge two pallets high in an L shape and just add some cushions to complete the look.

You can easily build planters out of a couple of pallets that you have cut into equal lengths. You just construct a box and use a plastic liner to keep the soil in place.

A Pallet Swing

Cut a pallet in half lengthwise sand and paint or stain then use two strong ropes at either end of the length to mount from a porch roof. You can add a back on your swing by nailing the other half that you cut off to the back of the pallet swing.

Book Shelves –Storage

It is easy to create book shelves or storage spaces using pallets. Pallets are easy to design with because they are perfectly shaped boxes that makes building easy. People are creating amazing looking book shelves and other storage stands by simply combing parts of pallets.

Cutting sections off the pallet can help you to create a unique wine rack. There are so many ways to use pallets to create shelving systems that not only look great but that are super functional as well.

As a TV Mount

Other people have painted their pallets and hung them on the wall to use as a wall mount for their flat screen TV. It offers a really urban look to any space and provides a strong sturdy place to mount your TV.

As a Heating Source

Wood pallets can be broken up and be used for fire wood if they are heat treated and not chemically treated. When wood pallets have outlived all other possibilities they can be used to provide heat. Of course like any wood they have to be seasoned to burn properly.

You can stack unusable pallets in the garden or anywhere outdoors to let time take care of seasoning the wood so that it can be used in the fireplace as heat. Of course it is not as glamorous as creating furnishings for the home or garden but it is a very practical use. Burning the wood from pallets is as good as burning any type of wood in the fireplace.

Why Recycle Pallets?

Why would you want to recycle pallets? Of course it is good for the environment to reuse what you can but recycling pallets goes beyond being good for the greater good. It is also good for the personal good.

Wood is expensive. Pallets can be had for a fraction of the cost of new wood AND sometimes you can even find some for free! You can literally furnish a house, garden and garage with some pallets and a little ingenuity or the right plans!

You can buy used pallets from any company that provides shipping containers to various industries. They are a very inexpensive option when you purchase them used. Of course the beauty of pallets is that a big part of the work is already done for you.

When you recycle pallets you are getting the best of both worlds. You are able to do your part for the environment by repurposing a natural material which cuts down on the energy it takes to harvest new wood. You also save money AND get a big part of the work done for you!

Recycling pallets has become a big movement with good cause. Why not make the most out of a reliable material that is easy to use and that results in cutting down on waste and the cost of harvesting new wood.

There is plenty of evidence of how great the results can be when you use a little imagination and let the creative juices flow. All you have to do is take a look around the web to find great examples of all the things you can do with pallets. Recycle pallets to save money and get some great unique designs.