Shipping Container Manufacturers – Making the Right Choice

Shipping containers

There is a bevy of shipping container manufacturers around the globe that are prepared to provide you with the shipping containers that you need to move your products around and store them. The problem is not availability, the problem is making the best choice.

There are several key components that you want to consider when you are considering which manufacturer can offer your group or organization the best value. We will look at the key components that will help you to identify which shipping container manufacturers the best choice.

When you are considering manufacturers consider that value should always be the driving force. A lot of groups or organizations make decisions based on the bottom line cost but the reality is the lowest cost is not always the best value.

The key components to choosing the right shipping container manufacturers actually have very little to do with initial costs. The key components are:

  • Reputation
  • Value
  • Quality

We will look a little harder at what these three components mean and how they can benefit your organization.


As a business you know that your reputation is everything, it is the way you bring in new business. The same is true for shipping container manufacturers. A manufacturer with a strong reputation for providing quality products is a much better bet than a company that is lacking a positive reputation.

Of course asking one or two other industry insiders about a manufacturer is not truly a fair assessment of the company. You have to do your homework and really check around.

Most people are more than willing to share their experience about a company that they have done business with, whether it is positive or negative. A highly trusted manufacturer will be able to meet your expectations.

Building a positive reputation in any industry is never easy. It does not come easy, it is something that is hard won by providing not only a quality product but by providing superior customer service. In most cases a shipping container manufacturer that has a positive reputation earned it by being:

  • Reliable
  • Quick to respond
  • Offering superior products

Reliability means that you buy containers this year and they are of good quality and then you are able to buy containers next year and they are the same great quality. In other words the quality is always there.

Of course your business depends on being able to ship what needs to be shipped in a hurry, can you really afford to wait around to get a response from a supplier because they cannot get a response from the shipping container manufacturers? Of course not.

Speedy response is imperative and the best manufacturers are quick to respond. They know that their reputation hangs on their ability to keep their clients happy and a quick response does that.

Ultimately a strong positive reputation comes down to the product. If the quality is there than the manufacturer will be able to skate by on a few of the other criteria.


What is value? Is it a low cost? Value is a combination of things that come together to give you the highest return for your investment. Value is not really tangible and can even be hard to distinguish but it is a very important equation that has to be considered.

When you are considering shipping container manufacturers you want to consider what they have to offer in way of value to your organization. Consider the following:

  • Is there value added?
  • What is the real cost of the containers?
  • Can this company offer you something that others can’t product wise?

Value added means that you are choosing one manufacturer over another because they have sweetened the pot with something. They are offering an additional value that other manufacturers are not.

The value could be free shipping to you or they may offer some sort of redemption program. These little added values can really make choosing this manufacturer over others more cost effective.

What is the real cost of the containers? Of course you understand what the outlay will be but what about the other things that add to the cost of the shipping containers like longevity, durability and recyclability? Those things all play a role in what cost you are paying.

In some cases the value is in the product itself. If there is a manufacturer that offers a shipping container that really appeals to your product line because of the way it is constructed or it can be as simple as a lid or other part that you find just beats out the competitors that is a value to you.

Value is getting the shipping container that enhances your product, reduces risk and that is economically matched to your budget.


Value and quality go hand in hand. It is imperative that the quality that you expect is provided. For some organizations cost is the biggest determining factor and they are willing to sacrifice quality but quality should always trump cost.

Of course the type of shipping container manufacturers that you want to do business with will provide you with quality products at an affordable cost. A company that offers a high standard and has the quality control schemes in place can easily help you to reduce overall risk.

Along with quality let’s talk briefly about meeting your needs.

Let’s Talk Risk

Your inventory is your most costly investment and your largest asset. No matter what your inventory is your business is dependent on safe transport and storage of that inventory. Of course your end users are also depending on your freight arriving in pristine condition.

Risk management is an important activity in any supply chain. As part of your risk management plan your shipping containers should be near the top of the list.

Choosing the right shipping container manufacturers is more than just picking the lowest priced manufacturer, it is choosing the company that can partner with you in your risk management plan.

Shipping containers are vital to protecting your goods and ensuring safe transport. The right shipping containers from the right manufacturer will provide the protective shield that you need for your goods. A lot is riding on your ability to ensure:

  • Protection from unauthorized entry
  • Protection from the elements
  • Safe stacking

Loss is often realized through unauthorized entry into a shipping container. Theft and vandalism can account for a huge sector of loss that is experienced by every organization each year.

Improper shipping containers can be an invitation to unsavory characters that are just looking for the opportunity.

Of course whether it is rain, snow or passive heat that you need to protect your goods from the right shipping container from the right shipping container manufacturers can help to provide exactly what you need.

Consider all of your options and use the guidelines that are listed here to help you navigate the world of shipping container manufacturers to ensure you choose the perfect match for your requirements.

There is nothing better than when everything comes together perfectly and you are able to have the peace of mind knowing that your inventory is in safe hands.