What is Vehicle Packaging?

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Vehicle packaging in its simplest definition is packaging that is designed for the shipping and storage of vehicles, their parts and components. This specialty packaging is used by the automotive industry for large parts, tools, equipment, components and other parts and pieces that must be shipped or stored. Unlike other packaging this type of packaging addresses issues that are unique to the automotive industry like corrosion prevention and other specific issues.

The Focus is On Prevention

Vehicle packaging solutions are driven solutions, they address very specific problems from barrier protection to vibration protection and everything in between. Unique challenges that automotive and parts manufacturers face can be overcome with the right type of automotive packaging solution. Like any good packaging solution, the right vehicle packaging solution puts prevention first. Preventing damage during shipping and storage and protecting is the two key components of design for vehicle packaging.

High Value Protection

Protecting high value products starts with the right packaging. The right organization will work hard to understand your packaging needs and come up with the solution that gives you the protection that you need. Every component on a vehicle needs protection during shipping and storage as well as it makes it way through the supply chain including:

  • Engines
  • Glass
  • Edges
  • Body parts including door panels
  • Returnable
  • Metal parts prone to corrosion
  • Interior components
  • Windshield wipers
  • Accessories
  • Mechanical parts
  • And more

Every part that needs protection will find it with the right packaging that is designed for efficient protection. Whether it is engine components or door edge protection there is a packaging solution that will meet the need.

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If you are an automotive manufacturer or a parts distributor for the automotive industry, having the right packaging will enhance your entire supply activity and ensure your product is protected during storage and shipping.

What Does it Protect Against?

The right packaging can protect parts, equipment and components including electronics against a wide range of risks including:

  • Vibrations
  • Corrosions
  • Scuffs
  • Dents, dings and chips to the paint
  • Broken glass, damaged components
  • Lost/missing parts
  • Unauthorized entry into parts, components and vehicles
  • Damage during storage
  • Damage during shipping

The right packaging can improve productivity as well as protect. It can reduce labor contact with the vehicle, the parts and the components removing human error as a potential risk.

The Packaging

Packaging for vehicles come with a range of options and innovative design features that can enhance the supply chain. There is a wide range of packaging that is used packaging for vehicles, parts and components that include:

  • Barrier materials
  • Tubing
  • Harnesses and straps
  • Corrosion inhibitor films, foams, forms and more
  • Humidity barriers, moisture inhibiting packaging
  • Innovative packaging solutions bespoke to the specific need
  • Fanfolds
  • Scuff resistant packaging
  • Edge protectors
  • Corrugated boxing solutions

There is a wide range of components that need protection during shipping and storing and there is a packaging solution for every one of them. A wide range of materials are used to construct shipping/storing solutions that are specific to the automotive industry.

The right vehicle protection has incorporated the following into its design:

  • Efficiency within the supply chain
  • Reduction in waste
  • Safety
  • Security for the component or part
  • Protection against damage during shipping and storage
  • Environmental friendliness
  • International standards

There is a whole host of considerations that go into the right auto packaging materials. The goal is to highly protect while reducing waste, risk and increasing safety and maintaining environmental friendliness. It is a true balancing act that can be carried out by only an experienced provider.

The Environment

The automotive supply chain is always under scrutiny for its effect on the environment. Consumers and watch dog agencies look at automotive supply chains for eco friendly policies and activities. Having sustainable packaging practices is a must in today’s economy or your activity risks coming under fire from both end users and regulatory agencies.

The ideal vehicle packaging solution takes sustainability seriously. It is packaging that is constructed of primarily recyclable materials that are easy to recycle. Of course, this must be done without sacrificing protection or ringing up the costs.

Keeping Costs Down

There are a few ways you can reduce the amount of packaging that you use while keeping costs down without giving up any of the quality protection you need for your product including:

  • Considering lightweight packaging materials
  • Make sure you are using an optimal design for your packaging
  • Consider less can sometimes be more
  • Have an expert that specializes in this type of packaging on board

Vehicle packaging can get costly considering how many parts and components need protection, but the costs can be controlled by taking a few steps to ensure that you are getting the best value for your investment with the right packaging.

Lightweight Packaging Options

Automotive packaging does not have to be heavy packaging to provide the effective protection that you need. Lightweight options are a great way to save on costs without sacrificing protections.  Today’s lightweight materials are engineered to utilize tension to create sturdy protection without adding excessive weight to the product.

Of course, it is incredibly important to manage packaging weight when it comes to shipping costs and reducing waste. The right resource for automotive packaging understands the critical importance of keeping the weight down and providing the optimum in protection. They design their packaging to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for all your packaging needs.

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The Right Design

There is a lot of thought that goes into how to reduce the cost of shipping when it comes to any supply chain but especially so within the automotive industry. Reducing costs can sometimes show up in unexpected opportunities.

The right design for your vehicle packaging needs can greatly reduce the costs that are associated with shipping. An expert in vehicle shipping and storing packaging options can help to design a packaging solution that will reduce the overall costs of shipping and storing.

Recently GM revealed how they were able to save quite a chunk of money by changing just one of their shipping boxes from a linear model to a geometric model. They were able to reduce their packaging needs substantially and pocket the savings.

There are easy ways to save when you have a design expert that can help to meet your protection needs while reducing your costs through a more efficient design.

Consider the Facts

There are a lot of ways to reduce the amount of packaging that you use without having to risk the product. All you need is to have a consultant on your team that takes the time to listen to what you need to protect, and they will develop a strategy that does more with less!

A lot of times, especially in the vehicle industries, there is an overabundance of waste when it comes to packaging that can be solved with a few innovative packaging designs. There is a myth that if you pile more packaging you are better protecting your product but, the protection can come with a lot less waste and at a lower cost if you have the right packaging design.

The evolution of materials has been considerable over the last 2 decades, even more so in the last 5 years, if you are still doing things the old way, you may want to get someone on board that understands how newer materials offer a better solution.

A big trend in vehicle type packaging has been moving away from wooden pallets and moving toward paper pallets. Paper pallets weigh in at 1/3rd the weight of traditional wooden pallets and can carry astounding loads up to 2x’s the amount that wooden pallets can.


Simple steps like trading out one material for another proven material can have a huge impact on both cost and efficiency.

Other benefits of really reviewing your packaging include upgrading your packaging to options that are more environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly materials in packaging help to solidify corporate images among the public and other businesses that your brand is a brand committed to protecting the environment.

Go with a Pro

You likely know your business inside and out, but you cannot be an expert in everything including packaging but there are experts in packaging that will take a second look at your operation and make suggestions for changes that will improve your supply chain and help to keeps costs down.

With the right support you will be able to optimize your production line, protect your product and enjoy a nice return on your packaging investment.